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Deactivating Your Facebook Account Is Good for Your Mental Health
Melissa Locker | Fast Company
A study conducted by Stanford and NYU researchers paid Facebook users to quit for a bit, yielding modest mental health benefits. 

Emergency Rooms Fill Up with Psych Patients—and Then They Wait
Jay Greene | Craine's Detroit Business
In Detroit-area hospitals, psychiatric beds are full, psychiatric patients wait and emergency room visits continue to rise.

EHRs Need More Bananas, Fewer Oranges to Improve Care
Irv Lichtenwald | HIT Consultant
Research shows doctors have as much difficulty as anybody else with changing behavior when information changes.

Why Mental Health Education in Schools Is So Important
Joe McLean | The Doctor Weighs In 
Various forms of mental illness are common and potentially debilitating. We should teach children how to deal with them.

Most Inmates with Mental Illness Still Wait for Decent Care
Christine Herman | NPR
According to federal data on prison inmates, around 40 percent have been told by a professional that they have a mental illness.

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Overshadowed by Opioids, Meth is Back and Hospitalizations Surge

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