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Mental Health Care Is Not Going to Those Who Need It
Avichai Scher | NBC News
Even as "deaths of despair" rise with no definitive explanation, a study finds that levels of psychological distress have actually fallen. 

Hospital Costs Seen Increasing Because of Opioid Overdoses
Mark Hagland | Healthcare Informatics
According to one study, opioid overdoses add $11.3 billion annually to total healthcare costs, with 66 percent paid by federal programs.

Five Ways Technology Makes Behavioral Health Care Better
D'Arcy Gue | HITinsight
Most people who have ever abused drugs, tobacco and alcohol have dealt with mental illness. Is that data in the patient record?

Odds of Dying of Opioid Overdose Now Greater Than Car Crash
Joanne Finnegan | Fierce Healthcare 
The odds of dying from opioids has risen to 1 in 96, while death in a car crash has odds of 1 in 103.

The Intersection of Addiction Treatment and Healthcare IT
Kayla Matthews | HITECH Answers
While addiction in America seems intractable, tracked data on what works and for whom can improve our approach moving forward.

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Tackling the Mental Health Epidemic with Telehealth

Kennedy Forum Launches Campaign Against Insurance Denials

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