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Overshadowed by Opioids, Meth is Back and Hospitalizations Surge
Anna Gorman | Kaiser Health News
A study shows a 245 percent jump in meth-related hospitalizations between 2008 and 2015—much higher than for opioids. 

Bridging the IT Gap Between Physical and Behavioral Healthcare
David Conejo | Health IT Outcomes
Almost 72,000 people died last year from drug overdoses, making a focus on behavioral health data all that much more important.

Creating EHRs that Doctors Don't Hate
Irv Lichtenwald | HITinsight
Yes, EHRs were intended to improve patient care, but it's unreasonable to think that they don't have to work for clinicians, too.

Finding mHealth Apps that Doctors Can Trust
Paul Cerrato, MA, and John Halamka, MD, MS | Healthcare Analytics News
While 58 percent of patients have downloaded wellness apps to their phones, only 33 percent of doctors think the apps are worthwhile.

Can We Fix the Behavioral Healthcare System?
Bill Frack and Matt Sabbatino | Fierce Healthcare
Psychiatric beds were most plentiful in 1955. Since then they've decreased by 96 percent, illustrating how hard it can be to find care.

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