12.11 Behavioral Health IT News

Featured Articles

Tackling the Mental Health Epidemic with Telehealth
Derek Richards, PhD | Health IT Outcomes
Is telehealth the key to overcoming the provider shortages, high costs and stigma that plague behavioral health care? 

Can Journaling Improve Your Mental Health?
Serena Dorf | The Doctor Weighs In
Writing in a journal exposes a person's deepest fears to the clarifying light of day, making them seem much less debilitating.

Opioid Epidemic Makes EHRs Essential to Public Health
Irv Lichtenwald | HITinsight
Opoids killed more Americans in one year than during the entire Vietnam War, making complete patient data more essential than ever.

When Will the Stigma of Mental Health End in Medicine?
Anonymous Physician | Kevin MD
The stigma of depression and mental illness weighs heavy on all those who suffer, but medical professionals face additional hurdles.

EHRs Cut Costs, Hospitalization Time
Jack Murtha | Healthcare Analytics News
Hospitals with Meaningful Use-certified systems saw decreases in costs and lengths of stay; those with non-certified systems did not.

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Kennedy Forum Launches Campaign Against Insurance Denials

AI's Potential to Diagnose and Treat Mental Illness

Mental Health Crisis Could Cost the World $16 Trillion by 2030


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