11.28 Behavioral Health IT News

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Kennedy Forum Launches Campaign Against Insurance Denials
Tina Reed  |  Fierce Healthcare
Former congressman and mental health care advocate Patrick Kennedy is working to unite behavioral health patients in a coordinated campaign to push back on insurance company denials.

The Barriers and Drivers for Technology in Mental Health Treatment
Kevin Truong  | MedCity News
As it becomes more clear to employers that mental health issues decrease productivity and increase absenteeism, many are embracing the idea of preventative treatment. 

5 Ways Technology Makes Behavioral Health Care Better
D'Arcy Guerin Gue |  HITinsight
The rise of telehealth and the availability of care in areas where few or no providers are available is just one way that technological fixes are helping us overcome system inefficiencies.

What Hospitals Can Do For EDs Overwhelmed by Psych Patients
Megan Knowles |  Becker's Hospital Review 
One technological solution to the current situation is for hospitals to make sure emergency doctors get an alert when a patient with a history of mental illness comes to the ER.

Four Mental Health Challenges College Students May Face
Marie Fincher  |  The Doctor Weighs In 
Most students will face anxiety, a sleep disorder, depression or an eating disorder during their college years. The key is to guard against all four at once through prevention and awareness. 

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Mental Health Crisis Could Cost the World $16 Trillion by 2030

One in Three College Freshmen Reports Mental Health Disorder

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