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AI's Potential to Diagnose and Treat Mental Illness
Parie Garg and Sam Glick  |  Harvard Business Review
Artificial intelligence offers patients the anonymity they often seek and lowers the costs of treatment, in addition to speeding up the process and improving the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Mental Health Patients Are Overwhelming Emergency Rooms
Anne Zink  | STAT News
The practice is called psychiatric boarding—keeping the mentally ill in EDs after they arrive for lack of better options—and it's becoming more common nationwide. 

Personalized Incentives Are the Key to Patient Compliance
Irv Lichtenwald |  HITinsight
What effectively drives people to do certain things? The answer varies across individuals and groups. Finding out how and why people are compliant could reduce unnecessary deaths.

Loneliness Is an Emerging Public Health Threat
Jonathan Fielding, MD |  The Hill 
Is loneliness the next epidemic? Research suggests chronic loneliness is as much a risk factor for morbidity and mortality as a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, high blood pressure and obesity.

Let's Help Our Youth Change the Way They Look at Public Health
Anita Everett, MD  |  SAMHSA 
Young people are experiencing major depressive episodes with increased frequency, but most are still loathe to talk openly about how they feel. What can be done to change that narrative?

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Mental Health Crisis Could Cost the World $16 Trillion by 2030

One in Three College Freshmen Reports Mental Health Disorder

AI's Role in the Push for Suicide Prevention

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