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Mental Health Crisis Could Cost the World $16 Trillion by 2030
Kate Kelland  |  Reuters
The Lancet Commission says mental health disorders are on the rise everywhere in the world, creating trillions in additional costs that stem mostly from indirect results like lost productivity.

Report Highlights Concerns About Involuntary Treatment for Substance Abuse
Gary A. Enos  | Behavioral Healthcare Executive
In 37 states and the District of Columbia, some form of involuntary commitment for substance abuse is legal, yet few mandate stable, evidence-based treatment in the authorizing legislation.

EHRs Need More Bananas, Fewer Oranges, to Improve Care
Irv Lichtenwald |  HIT Consultant
When given a choice, people choose bananas over oranges because the former is easier to peel. Fruit, as it turns out, can serve as an example of how to alter human behavior in subtle ways.

America Can't Incarcerate Away Our Mental Health Crisis
Brian Barnett |  Huffington Post 
America now confines 10 times as many mentally ill citizens in jails and prisons as in state hospitals, and the three largest psychiatric facilities in the U.S. are actually jails. 

More People Are Seeking Out Mental Health Care—If They Can Afford It
Paige Minemyer  |  Fierce Healthcare 
Are the stigmas around seeking mental health care slowly melting away? A recent survey of 5,000 people found 60 percent had sought treatment for themselves or a family member.

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