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One in Three College Freshmen Reports Mental Health Disorder
Randy Auerbach  |  American Psychological Association
Roughly 14,000 first-year students from 19 colleges in 8 countries were given a survey. The results suggested 35 percent of them had symptoms consistent with at least one mental health issue.

If You Believe These Addiction Myths, You Are Part of the Problem
Jennifer Mullin  | The Doctor Weighs In
Society alienates addicts by clinging to proven untruths: Addiction is a choice, addicts can stop whenever they want to, people who use only care about themselves. 

Choosing an Electronic Health Record: Cloud v. On Premise EHRs
Kate Monica  | EHR Intelligence 
Are you a small, rural hospital with limited financial resources? A cloud-based healthcare IT system may be the option that saves your organization money and limits headaches.

Healthcare has cost problems. Healthcare IT doesn't have to be one of them.
Irv Lichtenwald |  HITinsight 
The analogy is old but still functional. A Hyundai and a Ferrari both get you from A to B, but only one will potentially break the bank. Save money for other initiatives. Buy the Hyundai.

County Jails Struggle to Treat Mentally Ill Inmates
Christine Herman  |  NPR News 
According to federal data, 40 percent of jail inmates have a mental illness and only one-third get any kind of treatment. County jails are working to improve on those figures.

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