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AI's Role In the Push for Suicide Prevention
Janae Sharp  |  Healthcare Analytics News
Artificial intelligence requires data to function as a suicide prevention tool. By starting with basic facts—rural or urban—and adding what else is known, data science can illuminate hard-to-identify risks.  

Most Doctors Are Ill-Equipped to Deal with the Opioid Epidemic
Jan Hoffman  |  New York Times
According to the CDC, addiction is a disease that contributes to more than 600,000 deaths annually in the United States. So why don't most medical schools offer comprehensive addiction training?

5 Ways Technology Makes Behavioral Health Care Better
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITinsight
Americans who have ever had a mental illness consume most of the alcohol, cocaine and tobacco. Can healthcare IT help us get a handle on addiction by treating the actual cause?

Providers Look to Shift Patients from ED to Community-Based Care
Steven Ross Johnson  |  Modern Healthcare 
How does a living room differ from an emergency room? When it comes to mental health care, the important difference to patients is warm and calming instead of loud and chaotic.

Why It's Time to Humanize Addiction
Sandeep Kapoor, MD  |  KevinMD.com 
We succeed in treating heart disease and HIV (finally) because we focus on the illness, not the moral failings of the patient. Could a similar approach work with addiction treatment?

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