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A Reminder That Addiction Is an Illness, Not a Character Flaw
Lindsay Holmes  |  HuffPost
The relapse rate for those living with addiction is 40 to 60 percent, demonstrating that overcoming cravings and dependence is a daily battle for control, not a single epic conflict.  

Move to Integrate Behavioral Health Sees Progress
Shannon Firth  |  MedPage Today
As addiction and mental illness continue to ravage American society—142,000 lives lost last year alone, a 25 percent rise in suicide since 1999—experts look for ways to expand mental health care.

Healthcare has cost problems. Healthcare IT doesn't have to be one of them.
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight
The non-stop rise in healthcare costs is largely due to proliferating healthcare technology, including EHRs, which don't have to be the budget busters they are for many organizations.

With Short, Intense Sessions, Patients Finish Therapy in Weeks
Andrea Petersen  |  New York Times 
In ramped-up sessions, patients engage in two-hour group meetings three times a week and four additional hours of individual therapy. Some finish in as little as two weeks.

Can Service Dogs Help with Anxiety?
Jayne Leonard  |  Medical News Today 
A well-trained service animal can dramatically reduce stress by providing comfort through physical presence and affection. 

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