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We Need a Focus on Mental Health, Not Just Violence in Schools
Noah Rue  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Most violence is perpetrated by people who don't have a mental illness, so focusing on the mentally ill to prevent violence ends up being both stigmatizing and ineffective.

Mental Health Awareness Can't Be Just for Rich People
Sascha Cohen  |  HuffPost
The tragic suicides of the rich and famous get our attention, but the lack of mental health support for those with fewer resources does more to erode the foundations of civil society.

Is Your Health Data More Safe or Vulnerable in the Cloud?
Richard Sullivan |  HITinsight 
Yes, you feel like the things that matter to you are safer when close. The same relationship does not hold for patient data, which can be better protected even when far, far away.

Exercise for Mental Health: How Much Is Too Much?
Maria Cohut Medical News Today 
While exercise in moderate amounts contributes to better mental health, excessive physical activity can often become an obsessive pursuit, which may erode emotional stability. 

Higher Medicaid Rates Improved Behavioral Health, Study Finds
Rebecca Pifer   Healthcare Dive 
The research suggests that primary care providers are more efficient in providing behavioral health services when reimbursement rates are higher, potentially spending pennies to save millions of dollars.

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