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The Boons of—and Barriers to—Behavioral Health Integration
Les Masterson  |  Healthcare Dive
A Colorado healthcare program focused on proactively integrating physical and behavioral health saved Medicare and Medicaid more than $1 million. Is this the future of healthcare?

Making Tele-Behavioral Health a Success in Hospital Settings
Mike Baird, MBA  |  Healthcare Analytics News
Roughly 75 percent of ER docs report at least one patient per shift requiring psychiatric hospitalization and 25 percent say psychiatric patients wait 2 to 5 days for a bed. 

Opioid Epidemic Makes EHRs Essential to Public Health
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight 
How big is the problem? At the beginning of 2017, about 1.8 million Americans were out of the workforce for "other reasons." Half had taken an opioid of some kind the previous day.

Treating Mental Illness: Quality of Life Matters
Kristin Puhl KevinMD.com 
Sure, anyone would prefer to cure an illness with medication and never have to deal with it again. But depression is managed, not cured, and antidepressants are often the optimal approach. 

Compulsive Video-Game Playing Could Be Mental Health Problem
Jamey Keaten and Maria Cheng   Associated Press 
Experts believe the clinical condition is still relatively rare with an estimated 3 percent of gamers affected, but the current popularity of gaming creates long-term concerns.

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Internet Addiction May Increase Risk of Suicidality


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