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Better Behavioral Health Access Is an Election-Year Imperative
Carmela Coyle and Jessica Cruz  |  Modern Healthcare 
Behavioral Health Action, a newly created advocacy group in California, is working to make better mental health care a key issue in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

How Digital Technology Can Enhance Mental Health
Jean Kim, MD  |  Psychology Today
Improved access, a host of new tools and the potential of data analytics are only a few of the possible benefits digital technology offers mental health care. 

Healthcare Has Cost Problems, but IT Doesn't Have To Be One of Them
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight 
American healthcare has invested more than $30 billion in IT to date with no real improvement in administrative efficiency. One solution is to simply spend less on comprehensive IT.

How to Integrate Clinical Care with Mental Healthcare
Jessica Kent Health IT Analytics 
In a 2015 report to Congress, just 28 percent of hospitals reported sending patient records to mental health providers, and only 16 percent said they'd received this information.

How Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade Could Change Mental Health
Mary Casey Olseth, MD   KevinMD.com 
Can the tragic deaths of people who appeared to have reached the pinnacle help us all understand that success and adoration may not equate with happiness?

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Internet Addiction May Increase Risk of Suicidality

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