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Internet Addiction May Increase Risk of Suicidality
Psychiatric News 
Is the internet like a drug? For those with internet addiction disorder or internet gaming disorder, it's a similar influence that also elevates suicidal thoughts among those afflicted.

Experts Say We Need a 'Mars Shot' to Address Mental Illness
Paige Minemyer  |  Fierce Healthcare
The mentally ill have trouble getting access to both care and coverage, leaving them especially vulnerable to physical and psychological issues, as well as premature death. 

Is Specialization Another Factor in Deteriorating Mental Health Care?
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight 
The mentally ill in America generally die of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and similar ailments--the same things that kill most people. But their deaths come many years earlier. 

Designer Kate Spade's Death Renews Conversation About Mental Health
Nardine Saad and Tara Paniogue  |  Los Angeles Times 
Nearly 45,000 Americans die from suicide annually, but the departures of celebrities like Kate Spade uniquely illustrate how wealth and success are no guards against the blues.

Drug Abuse and Addiction: How Does It Affect Teenagers?
John Henning  Healthworks Collective  
What should you look for in the teenagers you know if drug use is a concern? Bloodshot eyes, bad grades and loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities, for starters.

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