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The Largest Health Disparity We Don't Talk About
Dhruv Khullar  | New York Times
What's the most reliable indicator of premature death? More than race, ethnicity, geography and socioeconomic status, serious mental illness identifies who will die unnaturally early.

Suicidal? Be Prepared to Wait for Care
Nathaniel Morris, MD  |  Washington Post
Deinstitutionalization seemed like the right approach to treating mental illness. Then psychiatric bed totals declined by 97 percent between 1955 and 2016, leaving many patients languishing in the ED. 

Medsphere Supports Senate Efforts to Incentivize EHR Adoption in Mental Health
Business Wire 
America's behavioral health crisis demands more attention and resources, and integration of acute and mental health EHRs is an important first step.

Why Dual Diagnosis Matters in Addiction Treatment
Tonmoy Sharma The Doctor Weighs In  
A chicken-and-egg challenge: Stigma and isolation cause those with mental illness to self medicate, and the effects of drugs and alcohol create symptoms that often look like mental illness.

Behavioral Health Workforce Faces Challenges in Meeting Population Needs
Jeff Lagasse  Healthcare Finance  
If you live in or near a city in the Northeast, you have a pretty good chance of finding a behavioral health provider. In other parts of the country, there are sometimes no viable options.

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Bill Allowing Behavioral Health EHR Incentives Passes Senate

Is Technology Good or Bad for Mental Health?

5 Ways Drugs and Alcohol Affect Your Mental Health

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