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Is Technology Good or Bad for Mental Health?
Noah Rue  | The Doctor Weighs In
Yes, there are a number of legitimate reasons to be concerned about the negative impact of technology on mental health, but labeling tech as uniformly bad ignores many identifiable upsides.

Record Numbers of College Students Are Seeking Treatment for Depression
Katie Reilly  |  Time
For the first time in its history last fall, UCLA offered incoming students a free depression screening, which thousands took. Many schools are overwhelmed by demand for treatment.

More Americans View Opioid Addiction as Serious Problem
Jessie Hellmann  |  The Hill 
Yes, larger percentages of American society now see opioid addiction as a serious health problem, but millions also still see it as a character flaw or the product of bad parenting.

Opioid Epidemic Mades EHRs Essential to Public Health
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight 
How can we know when a patient is more likely to fall into addiction? By using comprehensive EHRs to look at relationship status, chronic illnesses, employment situation and other relevant factors.

Mental Disorders a Top Cause of Childhood Disease
Traci Pederson  PsychCentral
Even while childhood infectious diseases are declining globally, mental health issues for children remain constant, making mental illness early in life a more consequential health factor.

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