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Worsening Anxiety May Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's
Janice Wood  |  PsychCentral
Research suggests deposits in the brain manifest first as anxiety and depression, with later potential to develop into cognitive impairment and perhaps Alzheimer’s.

9 Signs Technology Is Affecting Your Mental Health
Karen Cole  |  HealthWorks Collective
Restlessness, anxiety, depression, detachment and sleep issues seem like the byproducts of modern life, but they may actually be the symptoms of too much technology.

Parity? Let Them Pay out of Pocket
Alan Tasman, MD  |  Psychiatric Times
A new report shows that mental health parity is a concept more often than a practice, with lower reimbursement rates and a much higher percentage of out-of-network visits.

5 Ways Technology Makes Behavioral Health Care Better
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITinsight
In America’s rural areas, mental health care is often severely rationed, if available at all. Absent more providers, telehealth may be the only way to provide necessary care. 

The Top 10 Mental Health Apps
Hannah Nichols  |  Medical News Today
Need to feel more calm and grounded? Looking for a way to increase your resilience and strengthen your resolve? Just looking to not feel so alone? Yeah, there’s an app for that.

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