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Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
Jean M. Twenge  |  The Atlantic
Use of smartphones quietly exceeded 50 percent of the population in 2012. Now, researchers are starting to track how that largely unnoticed milestone may have a devastating impact.

Facebook Admits Mental Health Risk - Says Using Site More Can Help
Sam Levin  |  The Guardian
Aside from being a vehicle for Russian disinformation campaigns, it turns out Facebook can also leave people feeling worse about themselves. Is the solution more intense Facebook use?

An American Dilemma: Incarceration and the Mentally Ill
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight
Yes, America jails a higher percentage of her population than any other country. We seem to have also decided it’s okay to incarcerate the mentally ill when other options dry up. 

Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment? Picture Remains Fuzzy
Emily Forman  |  Kaiser Health News
For addiction treatment, establishing a certain level of trust is essential, and it’s just one aspect of the doctor/patient relationship that telemedicine can’t reproduce.

Mental Health and Addiction Stigmas Are Holding Us Back
Patrick Kennedy  |  The Hill
Most insurers are not following the Mental Health Parity Act, and most mental health and addiction care occurs out of network, driving up costs and delaying treatment. 

Articles Deserving a Second Read

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How Is Mental Health Care Failing American Patients?

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