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Are Mass Murderers Insane? Usually Not, Researchers Say
Benedict Carey  |  NY Times
Experts say most mass killers act on an intense feeling of injustice—only about 20 percent are psychotic—making it difficult to use mental illness as a predictor. 

Smartphones a Likely Culprit in the Recent Decline in Teen Mental Health
Jean M. Twenge  |  STAT news
Two trends collided in late-2012 as smartphone ownership surged above 50 percent and teen depression and suicide started to climb. Coincidence?

How the Opioid Crisis Affects Addiction Treatment Centers
Thomas G. Kimball, PhD  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Our success in tackling the ongoing opioid epidemic depends on creating more multifaceted treatment programs and making treatment affordable.

5 Ways Technology Makes Behavioral Health Care Better
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITinsight
The trend of teenagers experimenting with drugs has declined over the last decade, suggesting that smartphones have at least one beneficial impact on mental health and addiction.

Why It's Time to Stop Casually Calling People "Schizophrenic" and "Bipolar"
Amanda MacMillan  |  HuffPost
Would you insult someone by calling them a diabetic? Then why call them schizophrenic? Illness is illness, whether physical or mental. 

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