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Psychiatrists Can't Stop Mass Killers
Richard A. Friedman, MD  |  NY Times
Between 1982 and 2017 there were 92 documented mass killings in the U.S. Only 15 percent of the perpetrators had any previous brush with the mental health system.

Doctor's May Fear Losing Their License for Seeking Mental Health Care
Ronnie Cohen  |  Reuters
Most state licensing boards question doctors about their mental health history, and many doctors say these questions make them reluctant to seek help. 

Addressing Mental Health Is Vital Long After Tragedy Strikes
Maria Castellucci  |  Modern Healthcare
Grief and trauma counseling become a key component in both disaster relief and terrorist incidents as it becomes clear the effects last weeks and months after an event.

Opioid Epidemic Makes EHRs Essential to Public Health
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight
At least 35 percent of patients who take an opioid for more than 30 days will be using them a year later, making EHRs essential to identifying who is most at risk of abuse. 

On Backroads of Appalachia, Mental Health Services Are as Rare as Jobs
Vickie Connor  |  Kaiser Health News
In the heart of Appalachian coal country, Medicaid enrollment hovers around 40 percent and many counties have no psychiatrists, making adequate care hard to find.

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