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The Storm After the Storm: A Disaster's Mental Toll
Kathleen Doheny  |  WebMD
The trauma associated with a natural disaster starts with the actual event, but it can continue long after as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Opioid-Related Trends Impacting Electronic Health Records
Tony Schueth  |  HealthTech Zone
In many states, EHR vendors are having to meet new requirements—mandatory e-prescribing of controlled substances is one—related to combating the opiate epidemic.  

Health IT Passes First Big Test with Hurricane Harvey
Darius Tahir  |  Politico
Yes, the ghosts of Katrina still haunt hospitals when a new hurricane pays a visit. But successes in Houston after Harvey suggest healthcare IT has indeed come a long way. 

Without Interoperability, EHRs Are Too Expensive
Irv Lichtenwald  |  The HIT Consultant
Many hospitals shell out multi-millions of dollars for EHRs that don’t really exchange patient data, effectively paying now for the promise of future technology.  

Experts Say Psychiatrists Should "Embrace" Digital Health
Evan Sweeney  |  FierceHealthcare
Analysis of numerous studies suggests digital technology—especially smartphones—can help improve mental health, but more targeted research is needed.

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