9.12 Behavioral Health IT News

Featured Articles

Interrupted Sleep May Lead to Alzheimer's
Tara Bahrampour  |  Washington Post
Studies show a connection between disorders like sleep apnea and the amount of amyloid, a dementia biomarker, that accumulates in the brain. 

Mental Health Providers Worry About Harvey's Legacy
Steven Ross Johnson  |  Modern Healthcare
Closed area hospitals, people uprooted from their homes and interruptions in medication schedules has clinicians very concerned about Houston’s most vulnerable. 

Medicaid Expansion Boosts Prescriptions for Mental Health Medications
Kari Paul  |  MarketWatch
States that expanded Medicaid experienced a 22 percent jump in prescriptions for psychotropic medications, primarily among the previously uninsured.  

5 Ways Technology Makes Behavioral Health Care Better
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITinsight
It’s not just the benefits of EHRs that promise to improve behavioral health. Technology can also expand care and improve financials, among other benefits. 

The Scientific Evidence that Optimism Leads to Better Health
Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Optimists are twice as likely to enjoy cardiovascular health, recover more quickly from cardiac events, and enjoy lower levels of distress associated with serious disease.

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Shortage of Psychiatric Hospital Beds Shifts Burden of Care

A New Bill Wants to Incentivize Psychiatrists, Hospitals to Adopt EHRs

Shame of Our Cities: Neglect of the Mentally Ill


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