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Shortage of Psychiatric Beds Shifts Burden of Care
California Healthline
In Sonoma, one of America’s great wine-producing regions, a county that had 60 psychiatric beds for low-income patients 11 years ago now has none. Where did they go? 

Hospitals Are Clogged with Patients Struggling with Opioids
Stephen Yin  |  NY Times
Since 2005, inpatient stays related to opioids have risen 64 percent and opioid-related emergency room visits have doubled, demonstrating that no segment of society is immune.

Parity Not Apparent: Mental Illness Still Not Receiving Equal Attention
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight
Congress passed mental health parity legislation more than 20 years ago, which illustrates well that enforcing laws is often more challenging than passing them.

Coverage for Mental Health via Telemedicine Soars
Bruce Japsen  |  Forbes
In the face of a mental illness and addiction crisis, more than twice as many employers say they will cover telehealth next year than do so now. 

Can You Count on Intensive Outpatient Treatment as a Growth Segment?
Julie Miller  |  Behavioral Healthcare Executive
Insurance companies prefer intensive outpatient care over residential for obvious reasons related to cost, making it a viable expansion opportunity for many providers.

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