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Shame of Our Cities: Neglect of the Mentally Ill
Allen Frances, MD  |  HuffPost
Underfunded treatment, recovery and housing for the mentally ill makes the United States the worst place to have a mental illness. Can you guess the best place to be mentally ill?

House Floats Bill to Incentivize Mental Health Providers to Buy EHRs
Jessica Davis  |  Healthcare IT News
Bipartisan legislation doubling as a CMS Innovation Center project once again envisions incentives for behavioral health providers of all stripes who adopt EHRs. 

5 Ways Technology Makes Behavioral Health Care Better
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITinsight
Even though behavioral health adoption of EHRs is comparatively low, other technologies are still suggesting more affordable and effective ways to provide care.

Can Telemedicine Transform the Mental Health Delivery Network?
Glen McCracken, MD  |  HIT Consultant
Can we add 10,000 more mental health providers in the next eight years? If not, telemedicine may help alleviate the tremendous demand for care outside urban centers. 

Opioid Addiction Should Be Treated as Illness, Not Crime
Michael Laff  |  AAFP
Legislators, public health officials and veterans groups discuss solutions to the opiate crisis, including adequate funding of Medicaid and treating addiction as medical issue.

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