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Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict Suicide with Remarkable Accuracy
Olivia Goldhill  |  Quartz
Trials suggest machine-learning algorithms are far superior to human judgement, predicting suicide risk among patients with 80-90 percent accuracy. 

Software Proves as Effective for Treating Depression as Drugs
Greg Slabodkin  |  Health Data Management
A program developed at Mt. Sinai Hospital enables a 42 percent reduction in major depressive disorder symptoms by identifying brain activity imbalances.

Parity Not Apparent: Mental Illness Still Not Receiving Equal Attention
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight
Either underfunded or unavailable in most parts of the country, mental health continues to be the healthcare component most in need of acute care. 

Cloud Computing Will Change the Nature of Hospital IT Shops
Tom Sullivan  |  Healthcare IT News
The trend of buying IT as an operating expense instead of as a capital expenditure is changing the way healthcare looks at onsite data centers and other IT assets. 

Addiction Should Be Seen as Treatable Disease, Not a Moral Failing
Sara Korn  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Is seeing addiction as a disease the key to treating it effectively? The author and a new add campaign ask what it would look like if we treated cancer patients like addicts.

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