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Behavioral Health: Fixing a System in Crisis
Steven Ross Johnson and Harris Meyer  |  Modern Healthcare
Chronic illness accounts for about 86 percent of the trillions in annual healthcare spending, yet we still can’t manage mental illness, the single greatest contributor to chronic conditions. 

Telepsychiatry Opens a New Window into Behavioral Health Care
Erick Wickland  |  mHealth Intelligence
Mental health care is the one medical discipline where the provider needn’t put hands on the patient, making it ideal for telemedicine in many situations.

An American Dilemma: Incarceration and the Mentally Ill
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITinsight
America incarcerates a higher percentage of its citizens than any other country in the world, and the lack of alternatives in dealing with mental illness is a huge reason why.

It's Time to Recognize Mental Health as Essential to Physical Health
John Campo, MD  |  STAT News
To effectively treat physical health, the author argues, we need to stop treating mental illness like some kind of moral deficiency and make more thoughtful changes. 

Mental Health Data Security Critical in HIPAA Compliance
Elizabeth Snell  |  Health IT Security
Safeguarding all patient data is important, but HIPAA calls particular attention to the sensitivity and careful management of psychotherapy notes.

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