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Congress Must Include Mental Health Coverage
John Figueroa  |  The Hill
The American Health Care Act allows states to remove insurance guarantees for pre-existing conditions, which may devastate an already vulnerable population. 

Telepsychiatry Helps with Mental Health Burdens in Rural Missouri
Michelle Munz  |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Missouri has 101 rural counties and only 3 of them have a licensed psychiatrist. Telehealth counseling is making treatment available in the other 98.

Can Effective Healthcare IT Reduce Hospital Costs?
D'Arcy Guerin Gue  |  HITinsight
Inpatient days and emergency room visits are expensive for both patients and the healthcare system. Technology can help by keeping people out of hospitals. 

Mental Illness Splits Families
Susan Noonan, MD  |  Psychology Today
Of course, mental illness takes a tremendous toll on those afflicted, but it can also erode the lives of family members doing the best they can with little or no recognition. 

Poor Communities Have Fewer Options for Mental Health Care
Debbie Cohen  |  Psychiatric News
A JAMA Psychiatry study finds that mental health services are not divided only by geography. Even within communities, economics often define available services.

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