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Mental Healthcare Access Shrinks as Patient Demand Grows
Sara Heath  |  Patient EngagementHIT
When it comes to treating mental illness, we’re headed in the wrong direction. An NYU study shows the number of people with serious psychological distress is increasing.

How Nintendo Therapy Can Improve Your Patient's Mental Health
Marie Miguel  |  Health IT Outcomes
Researchers find that playing Tetris shortly after a traumatic event relieves stress, focuses memory and reduces the kinds of cravings that can lead to addiction.

Improving Mental Health Care in America
Doctors Lieberman, Goldman, Olfson, Pincus and Sederer  |  Psychiatric Times
Mental health care in the United States has reached a level of inadequacy that some have described as a “violation of civil rights.” 

Mental Health Care in the U.S.: Separate and Unequal
Irv Lichtenwald  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Parity laws exist to force equal treatment by insurance of physical and mental health, but two-thirds of the time mental health care isn’t available when needed.

Why Relying on GPS Does Your Brain No Favors
Liz Alexander  |  Psychology Today
Want to grow critical parts of your brain? Rely less on Google Maps and Waze and instead become more aware of your own surroundings.

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