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Parity Not Apparent: Mental Illness Still Not Receiving Equal Attention
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITInsight Blog
Congress has passed legislation mandating equal treatment of mental illness by insurance companies, but passing a law and making sure it is respected are not the same thing.

The Deadly Connection Between Prescription Painkillers and the Economy
Jeff Guo  |  The Washington Post
The so-called diseases of despair offer one explanation for why the death rate for middle-aged white Americans has been climbing, but they don’t provide a complete picture.

Why Hospital Data Centers Are Moving to the Cloud
Meg Bryant  |  Healthcare Dive
The benefits of a cloud-based data center include lower storage costs and security at least as good as with an onsite facility. Is this the way of the future for hospitals?

PTSD Should Be Viewed as a Systemic Disorder
Honor Whiteman  |  Medical News Today
According to information from the VA, 7 to 8 percent of Americans will experience PTSD in a lifetime, which impacts far more than just the mental state of the afflicted.

Facing Pressure, Insurance Plans Loosen Rules for Covering Addiction Treatment
Shefali Luthra  |  Kaiser Health News
Aetna becomes the third major insurer to loosen prior authorization requirements for doctors when prescribing Suboxone and other addiction treatment medications.

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