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What Your Therapist Doesn't Know
Tony Rousmaniere  |  The Atlantic
Is therapy more art than science? That prevailing belief has prevented the use of analytics in mental health care, and perhaps kept many patients from improving.

Instagram a Haven for Those with Depression
Janice Wood  |  PsychCentral
Contrary to most perceptions of social media, both Instagram and Reddit are proving to be safe spaces for people who want to share mental health challenges.

Can Effective Healthcare IT Reduce Hospital Costs?
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITInsight Blog
Hospitals pursue better inpatient care through the use of EHRs. Keeping patients out of hospitals might be the product of other technologies

6 Reasons Why Exercise Helps During Addiction Recovery
Carl Towns  |  The Doctor Weights In
Among other benefits, exercise stimulates the production of mood-boosting and pain-reducing chemicals in the body to help with the recovery process.

Schizophrenia Begins in the Womb, Study Shows
Honor Whiteman  |  Medical News Today
Discovery opens the door for potential in-utero treatments when a family has a history of schizophrenia.

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