2.22 Behavioral Health IT News

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Can Digital Solutions Be the Answer to Mental Health Issues?
Reenita Das  |  Forbes
With global costs estimated at $6 trillion by 2030, mental illness is arguably the world’s greatest health concern. Perhaps new digital treatment tools can help stem the tide. 

Colleges Can't Meet Soaring Student Needs for Mental Health Care
Megan Thielking  |  STAT News
College campuses nationwide report wait times for treatment of ten days to more than a month, which can be devastating for overwhelmed students.

America Has a Rural Healthcare Crisis. Technology Can Help.
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITInsight Blog
Hospitals are closing more frequently in rural areas and specialists are harder to find, making technologies like telehealth a viable supplement to direct rural care.

The Opioid Epidemic Could Turn into a Pandemic if We're Not Careful
Robert Gebelhoff  |  The Washington Post
As the prescription opioid market in America starts to shrink, will pharmaceutical companies set their sights on other countries to try and make up the gap?

Mental Health May Affect Chances Against Cancer
Robert Preidt  |  WebMD
An observational study in the UK suggests psychological issues may contribute to the likelihood of getting various forms of cancer.

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