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Depression Is as Bad for Your Heart as Obesity or High Cholesterol
Amanda MacMillan  |  Health.com
A German study shows depression is responsible for around 15 percent of cardiovascular and heart disease deaths, which is comparable to more commonly blamed causes. 

Mental Illness Is Rampant in American Prisons
Christopher Zoukis  |  The Huffington Post
The elimination of 80 percent of long-term psychiatric beds in America between 1960 and 1980 is one reason at least 25 percent of prison populations are mentally ill.

Cures Act Is a Strong Mental Health Vaccination. Booster Shots Required.
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITInsight Blog
Enforced parity and additional dollars for mental health care are good things. More therapists, more beds, and healthcare IT systems are still needed.

Opioid-Related Hospitalizations and ED Visits Spike in U.S.
Kathleen McGuire Gilbert  |  Healthcare Dive
Over a 14-year period, opiate-related overdose deaths increased by 200 percent, while over the last nine years opiate-related ED visits have jumped almost 100 percent.

Pets Help People Manage the Pain of Serious Mental Illness
Erin Ross  |  NPR.org
According to a UK study, half the mentally ill consider pets part of their social support networks, and 60 percent of that group puts them in the most essential category.

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