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A Look to the Future of Mental Health Technology
Steven Chan, MD, MBA  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Yes, healthcare IT can help improve outcomes in mental health care, but not without more robust funding sources and other crucial improvements. 

Could Healthcare IT Be the Key to Better Addiction Treatment?
Joseph Conn  |  Modern Healthcare 
Patients get better care when their information is shared among providers, but many won’t seek care if their data is disclosed. Is this a resolvable scenario?

Addiction is a Chronic Brain Disease, Not a Moral Failing
Erin Schumaker  |  The Huffington Post 
The surgeon general’s report recommends treating addiction like other chronic diseases—with skill, compassion and urgency.

Yes, You Can Get ROI from a Good Behavioral Health EHR
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITInsight Blog
Comprehensive healthcare IT helps reduce bad debt, improve timely payment and trim staff hours spent on billing and payment. Is that something worth investing in?

Can Artificial Intelligence Help in the Treatment of Depression?
Robert Rowley, MD  |  HITECH Answers 
Depression is common, but a minority of those with the disease ever receive treatment. Artificial intelligence can help improve that scenario.

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