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The Crisis in Mental Healthcare - Can EHRs Help?
Irv Lichtenwald  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Most ER doctors see at least one patient per shift with mental health issues. Technology can help enable coordinated, cost-effective care that benefits patient and system. 

Addressing Opioid Abuse with Analytics, Population Health Strategies
Jennifer Bresnick  |  HealthIT Analytics
Data analytics shows that doctor shopping for opiates is not all that common, and that most abusers acquire unused drugs from friends and relatives. 

Increase in U.S. Suicide Rates and the Critical Decline in Psychiatric Beds
Tarun Bastiampillai; Steven S. Sharfstein, MD; Stephen Allison  |  JAMA
Most state-funded psychiatric beds are reserved for individuals charged with a crime, leaving fewer options for those who are just mentally ill.

A New Political Era, but No Reason to Retreat from Behavioral Health IT Benefits
D'Arcy Gue  |  HITInsight Blog
With less reason to believe the federal government will assist mental health facilities in buying EHRs, it’s time for strategies that make the help unnecessary.

The Key to Effectively Treating Mental Illness: Eliminate the Stigma
Mike Billings  |  UCSF
In previous generations, it was cancer and then HIV. Can we overcome the stigma associated with mental illness well enough to properly treat it?

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