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Halloween Is Not the Only Thing That Can Haunt Us
Thomas G. Kimball, PhD  |  The Doctor Weighs In
For the 19 percent of Americans—almost 44 million people—who suffer annually from depression, addiction and anxiety, the frights last more than one night. 

Pentagon Expands Mental Health Care for Troops, Families
Psychiatric News
Defense Department eliminates limits on mental health and addiction treatment, as well as mental health days, and cuts copayments in half. 

Can Technology Transform Mental Health Care
Irv Lichtenwald  |  Healthcare IT News
Technology can help improve behavioral health care, but it has to be just one component in a comprehensive program oriented around human contact and support.

Family Physicians Play Crucial Role in Mental Health Care
Michael Laff  |  AAFP
Patients may be more comfortable sharing mental issues with a trusted family physician, who can also help fill the gap where counselors are in short supply.

An Urgent Call for a National Surveillance System for Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities
Morgan Shields, Hailey Reneau & Meredith Rosenthal  |  Health Affairs Blog
Oversight and incentives for inpatient mental health hospitals are inadequate or nonexistent, making it difficult to improve quality and decrease harm.

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Mental Health Emergency Department Visits Outpace Non-Psychiatric Episodes

How Budget Cuts Are Effecting Mental Health Care

Amid Shortage, Number of Psychiatric Beds in U.S. Down 


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