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Mental Health Emergency Department Visits Outpace Non-Psychiatric Episodes, Study Says
Susan Morse  |  HealthCare Finance News
Mental health-related visits to emergency rooms are growing faster than acute physical ER encounters, and substance abuse is the largest component in the surge.

EHRs Improve Documentation of Psychiatry Records
Marla Durben Hirsch  |  Fierce Healthcare
Study shows electronic documentation improves progress notes, medication monitoring, timely completion of records and overall quality of care. 

Now Is the Time for a Moonshot for Mental Illness
Irv Lichtenwald  |  The Doctor Weighs In
A healthcare IT CEO argues for the same level of funding and commitment to improving mental health care that we demonstrate for the treatment of cancer.

Leaders Work to Fill Mental Healthcare Gaps
Zack Budryk  |  Fierce Healthcare
The ACEP survey on use of ERs by the addicted and mentally ill has set off alarm bells. But several health systems are already in the process of finding and funding solutions to this troubling scenario.

Scarcity of Mental Health Care Means Patients Land in ER
Shefali Luthra  |  Kaiser Health News
Study says about 6 percent of all ER patients arrive for help with a mental illness, and 1 in 5 are admitted, compared with about 13 percent of medical patients.

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