9.27 Behavioral Health IT News

Featured Articles

Psychiatrist: Even Imperfect Apps Can Help Mental Health Patients
Jeff Rowe  |  Continuum of Care News
With ‘gold standard’ treatment options few and far between, it makes sense to utilize whatever alternatives have a positive impact.

The Ethics of Behavioral Health Information Technology
Michelle Joy, MD, Timothy Clement, MPH, Dominic Sisti, PhD  |  JAMA
One EHR enables clinicians to identify ‘frequent fliers’—repeat users of ERs and crisis centers—with an airplane icon. Does this approach impact quality of care? 

Now Is the Time for a Moonshot for Mental Illness
Irv Lichtenwald  |  The Doctor Weighs In
Science has made many other types of illness manageable after concerted time and investment. So why not mental illness?

How Behavioral Health Complicates Health Data Exchange
Kyle Murphy, PhD  |  Health IT Interoperability
Many health information exchanges are running into considerable challenges when it comes to sharing mental health data.

Doctors Will Play a Crucial Role in the Opioid Epidemic
Editorial Board  |  The New York Times
With half of all opioid deaths from prescription drugs, the surgeon general issues a plea for doctors to treat pain ‘safely and effectively.’

Articles Deserving a Second Read

Mental Health Improves with Age, Study Suggests

Some Great Leaders Had Mental Illness--It May Have Helped

Amid Shortage, Number of Psychiatric Beds in U.S. Down

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