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Mental Health Improves with Age, Study Suggests
Psychiatric News
Yes, physical and cognitive health decline with age, but the aging process creates a paradox in which mental health improves over time.

Can Digital Technology Improve Care in Schizophrenia?
John Torous, MD  |  The Doctors Weighs In
Smartphones don’t make schizophrenics any more paranoid or anxious than the general population, which means technology could be a useful treatment tool.

Depression Care Must Be Aligned with Clinical Needs
Ana Mulero  |  HealthCare Dive
Fewer than one third of those who screen positive for depression get treatment, but most of the people in treatment did not screen positive. So what gives?

How Can We Commit to Better Mental Health Care Right Now?
Irv Lichtenwald  |  HITInsight
Roughly two thirds of primary care physicians can’t find a mental health professional for their patients. Improving access to care has to be a priority. 

Integrating Mental and Physical Health Services Leads to Better Outcomes
Bernie Monegain  |  Healthcare IT News
Decade-long study focused on more than 100,000 patients shows that integration improves care, lowers costs.

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Amid Shortage, Number of Psychiatric Beds in U.S. Down

No, Mental Illness Does Not Lead to Terrorism

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