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Some Great Leaders Had Mental Illness--It May Have Helped
Seth Borenstein  |  Associated Press
Did mental illness make Lincoln, Grant, Churchill and Kennedy more effective in times of crisis? Some mental health professionals think so.

Demand Is Strong for Psychiatric Inpatient Services, NAPHS Survey Finds
National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems
Report shows the number of partial hospitalization visits for mental illness increased 7.8 percent, according to the most recent data.

Increase In Parity Supports Building Out Mental Health Informatics
Jeff Byers  |  Healthcare Dive
Parity is the law of the land, and states are going after insurers who don’t treat mental and physical health equally. Healthcare IT must adapt to this new reality.

Mental Health Needs Its Own Legislative Solution
Irv Lichtenwald  |  EMR Industry
Mental health legislation passed the House, but a similar law is held up by language about guns in the Senate. Congress should deal with the two issues separately. 

Telepsychiatry Emerging as a Practical Approach to Reach Young People in Need of Care
Jeff Rowe  |  Continuum of Care News
In America’s psychiatric shortage, remote treatment may be more effective with young people, who are already comfortable with technology.

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