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Mental health access lags despite wider insurance coverage
Shefali Luthra  |  MedCity News
Only among whites has expanded insurance coverage led to an increase in mental health care, and within that subset the boost was only 5 percent.

Mental health calls to local authorities up 84%
Jeanette Steele  |  San Diego Union Tribune
Officials cite a combination of homelessness, the opiate epidemic and PTSD among returning service men and women as likely causes of jump. 

Healthcare Data Breaches: The Gap Between Awareness and Readiness
D'Arcy Guerin Gue  |  HIT Consultant
Clinicians and staff are both your greatest asset and most glaring IT security liability. Their level of vigilance and awareness makes all the difference.

Most Violent Crimes Are Wrongly Linked to Mental Illness
Alexandra Sifferlin  |  Time Magazine
While only 4 percent of interpersonal violence in the U.S. can be linked to mental illness, 40 percent of news about mental challenges links them to violent behavior. 

To Protect our Future, Today's Mental Health System Must Empower Patients
Constance St. Germain  |  Morning Consult
The suicide rate is rising and half of voters say they are concerned about their own mental health and well-being. Is mental health awareness on the rise?

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Mental health services lead U.S. spending outlays

What's Good for Mental Health is Good for the Economy

Telemental health services on rise, but barriers remain

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