8.16 Behavioral Health IT News

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Amid Shortage, Number of Psychiatric Beds in U.S. Down 13% from 2010
Michael Ollove  |  PBS NewsHour
Psychiatric boarding—temporarily housing the mentally ill in emergency rooms, hospitals and jails—becomes more common as the nation falls 123,300 psychiatric beds short.

CMS Raises Payment to Psychiatric Inpatient Facilities
Susan Morse  |  Healthcare Finance News
The release of 2017 rates shows an increase of $100 million across all inpatient psychiatric hospitals.

Can Technology Transform Mental Health Care?
Irv Lichtenwald  |  Healthcare IT News
The potential is certainly there for technology to improve the quality of mental health care, but just developing phone apps and making them available won’t be enough.

Telehealth: How Companies Are Managing Employees' Mental Health
Sarah Daren  |  Healthworks Collective
In 2014, 43.6 million Americans over 18 experienced mental health problems, creating tremendous lost productivity that companies are working to fix. 

As Demand for Behavioral Health Grows, Is It Time for a New C-suite Role?
Meg Bryant  |  Healthcare Dive
As recognition grows of America’s mental health crisis, is it time for hospitals to appoint a chief behavioral health officer?

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