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CareVue Behavioral Health EHR

CareVue from Medsphere is a fully integrated behavioral health EHR that supports clinical workflows across a variety of behavioral health inpatient settings and business models. Medsphere has spent considerable time and resources enhancing CareVue for behavioral health providers by building in valuable functions, including charting templates, a Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Plan module, group notes and automated dicharge summaries.

Medsphere Migrates EHRs to the Cloud

Medsphere Systems Corporation has moved into cloud-based services with the implementation of the company’s CareVue® electronic health record (EHR) at the Behavioral Center of Michigan and Samaritan Behavioral Center. 

Medsphere Achieves 48 Percent Growth

Medsphere Systems Corporation is welcoming the new year with excitement and anticipation following a busy and historic 2016. Significant recent achievements include an expansion of company products and services as well as a record number of new clients and unprecedented revenue growth.

ROI From Your Behavioral Health EHR

A behavioral health EHR makes comprehensive patient data immediately available, enables better record keeping and more informed clinical decisions, improves legibility by leaps and bounds, ensures the safety of medication administration and integrates patient care across the continuum. While not as easily measurable as quantitative benefits, qualitative improvements still save time, prevent adverse medication events and reduce errors, which saves money.

Effectively Managing EHR Implementation

An electronic health record (EHR) implementation is a major undertaking for hospitals of any size—from a rural acute care or inpatient behavioral health facility to a large multi-entity health system. The good news is that a properly planned and executed EHR implementation improves clinical processes to ensure physicians and other clinicians make effective decisions about patient care.

Case Study: Three Behavioral Health Hospitals

For behavioral health hospitals that don’t yet have an EHR and think they can’t afford one without financial assistance, the wait for federal government support continues.
But it doesn’t have to. In this detailed case study, three inpatient behavioral health facilities entered the EHR era by selecting CareVue, a comprehensive clinical and financial solution available through a subscription service, negating the huge upfront costs so common to EHR acquisition.
Download this recently released case study and find out how CareVue is enabling better behavioral health care without federal subsidies.

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