CliniDoc Document Management

The CliniDoc document imaging solution is a back office document scanning, indexing and viewing application that liberates you from all the paper associated with the business end of your practice. Converting paper documents to scanned electronic images provides clear, measurable benefits:

  • Increase revenue through conversion of file space to exam rooms
  • Create more time previously spent on retrieval and handling paper documents
  • Improve efficiency by enabling on-demand access to important documents by multiple users

CliniDoc enables you to scan and conveniently retrieve the documents that are essential to your back office--payer explanations of benefits (EOB), daily deposits, encounter forms, patient insurance reviews, insurance plan newsletters and billing documentation, insurance contracts and most other documents associated with back-office functions.

CliniDoc's indexing keys enable rapid searches for documents using multiple identifiers: type, MRN, company, date and tag. A unique clipboard function allows users to paste sections of different documents into one for printing and sharing electronically. For example, when attaching an EOB notice for a secondary claim, you can select just the sections pertaining to a specific patient and print them from the clipboard rather than printing out the whole document and manually blacking out unwanted information.

CliniDoc Document Management Features


  • Compatible with TWAIN compliant scanner
  • Supports flatbed, feeder and duplex scanning
  • Generates color, grayscale and black & white images


  • Enables user to pan, zoom, scroll, and rotate
  • Arranges multiple documents in cascade or tile layout


  • Includes highlighting and sticky-note annotation
  • Enables hiding annotations, as needed


  • Prints to any Windows printer, with or without annotations
  • Imports JPEG and TIFF files
  • Exports to PDF