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Physician Practice Solutions

Enhanced Ambulatory Care

Since 1994, ChartLogic has been driven by the desire to improve patient care, office efficiencies and profitability for the physician practice.

ChartLogic offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical record, practice management, e-Rx and patient portal solutions, as well as complete medical billing services. Physician practices choose ChartLogic for its proprietary command-and-control methodology, which allows users to create notes quickly and efficiently. 

Complete Clinical and Back-Office Solutions

Electronic Medical Record

Physician practices trust ChartLogic EMR with their paperless office needs because it captures the clinical encounter without forcing you to change your preferred workflow. ChartLogic EMR combines robust, user friendly technology with a tool you’ve been using all along—your voice—to make charting more efficient than it's ever been.

Practice Management

ChartLogic PM streamlines your workflow so that you can focus on the essential tasks of increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Our rules-based Appointment Scheduler accommodates the needs and preferences of your physicians. Billing is fast and effective, and potential problems like rejected claims are prevented before they can occur. 

Revenue Cycle / Billing

ChartLogic Medical Billing Services takes the billing burden off the medical office, liberating providers and staff to concentrate on patient care. Your staff never needs to touch the billing system again. Our combination of expertise and leading-edge technology improves your performance without increasing costs, saving money for patient care. 

Document Management

The CliniDoc electronic document management solution enables a paperless office and improves billing staff efficiency. Now you can scan and electronically retrieve EOBs, insurance contracts and all types of back office and clinical documents. CliniDoc makes payroll, invoices and other documents instantly available and shareable.