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Phoenix Health Systems

Invested In Your Vision

Since 1990, Phoenix has had one driving objective: To help improve healthcare through better information technology by applying the highest standards of excellence and integrity at a reasonable cost.

“Invested in Your Vision” is more than Phoenix’s tag line; it is the central tenet of a corporate culture built over years of committed, customized service to our clients, many of whom repeatedly renew our contracts. Over and over, Phoenix has demonstrated a strong investment in clients, supporting their growth and prosperity through times of transformation and modernization — and also in times of financial and operational difficulty, including during devastating natural disasters.

An Essential Trio

Superior People

At Phoenix, we are passionate about the future of healthcare and committed to both healthcare quality and individual hospital success. We employ proven methodologies developed over years of healthcare consulting and IT outsourcing. At Phoenix, we understand firsthand the fiscal, technological and demographic challenges you face, and we work closely with you — always with a personal, consultative approach.

Superior Solutions

Phoenix’s business model is based on superior, proven management and technical capabilities supported by industry standard methodologies--strengths that are typically found in larger companies. We focus on helping our hospital clients use IT, not as an end in itself, but as an enabling tool that can be leveraged to cost-effectively support their short- and long-term organizational vision.