Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Acute Care Hospitals
Medsphere’s CareVue is installed in acute care hospitals ranging from a 476-bed urban facility in Brooklyn, New York, to a 10-bed rural facility in Santa Rosa, NM. All eligible acute care clients have met Meaningful Use requirements and received 100 percent federal reimbursement.

Behavioral Health Hospitals
Building on VistA’s behavioral health utility for the VA and Indian Health Service, CareVue includes key behavioral health functionality including multi-disciplinary treatment plans, group notes, behavioral health assessments and HBIPS reporting.  Click on CareVue and Behavioral Health to visit the Resource Center and learn more.

State Public Health
CareVue also powers state-run healthcare systems. In one state behavioral health system, Medsphere implemented CareVue in all seven state-owned healthcare hospitals including acute care, behavioral health and long-term care facilities in less than two years. The state’s system utilizes a centralized data facility connecting each hospital, creating a statewide, patient-centered electronic health record. Medsphere is currently building a system for the 64,000 residents of US territory of American Samoa.

"We must acquire the tools to manage population health in a financially responsible way, which makes CareVue very appealing," said LBJ Tropical Medical Center CEO Joseph Davis-Fleming, FACHE. “The system is affordable—we can pay for it without a huge initial cash outlay—and it is certified for Meaningful Use 2014. OpenVista is also a very flexible, expandable and proven public health system that can be enhanced for our specific needs.”

State Behavioral Health
CareVue serves all seven behavioral health hospitals in one state system, demonstrating the flexibility of the system. For example, two of those hospitals provide long-term and geriatric care for many residents who have behavioral health issues. Another provides a wide range of services to patients committed through civil commitment or the judicial system. CareVue also provides key functionality and support for state-run behavioral health clinical services. Click on CareVue and Behavioral Health to visit the Resource Center and learn more.

International Health Systems
The patient-centered nature and proven health outcomes of VistA make CareVue the optimal solution for the budget conscious international health sector. CareVue is installed in American Samoa, and VistA international installations include India, Mexico and Jordan. England’s National Health Service and the Irish Health Ministry are actively considering VistA as foundational technology to power their nationwide health systems.