CareVue Services

CareVue's subscription service pricing model offers hospital, clinic, and integrated delivery network customers an affordable EHR solution with no upfront costs or back-end balloon payments. Expert implementation and other services facilitate fluid and rapid transition to a paperless clinical environment focusing on best practices and evidence-based medicine in 9 to 12 months.

CareVue builds on a robust system that was designed by clinicians for clinicians and has been used for many years throughout the VA, the nation's largest healthcare system, as well as in several other countries. The system's safety and dependability are time-tested, and it is now available for anyone at a very affordable cost." —Medsphere Chairman Kenneth W. Kizer, MD, MPH

Medsphere regularly evaluates and refines processes and techniques associated with our core health IT services:

Development: With years of VA VistA and CareVue experience, Medsphere's seasoned Development Services team is uniquely equipped to enhance CareVue for most any healthcare environment. Areas of team expertise include application development, data migration, interface development and systems integration. Through a tested collaborative development process, Medsphere works closely with clients to enhance CareVue by creating clinical applications that improve patient safety and clinical efficiency.

Implementation: Medsphere's implementation services focus on installing our CareVue® electronic health record solution in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Each implementation starts with an Enterprise Assessment phase that includes a comprehensive analysis of current processes and a detailed collection of client data, including clinical and technical assessments. This information feeds Medsphere's suite of deployment accelerators that provide valuable assistance in building, configuring and integrating the system based on the unique parameters of each client. This, combined with a cost-saving train-the-trainer approach, directly translates to cost savings and quicker go-live timeframes for Medsphere clients.

Interoperability: Medsphere’s Interfaces & Technical Solutions Group (ITSG) offers a comprehensive suite of interfaces enabling platform integration based on industry Health Level 7 ( and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. The ITSG is staffed with senior level expertise in both analysis and programming, offering a full service, turnkey delivery model for interface development. With extensive expertise in legacy VistA and Vista-derived components and the technologies used to modernize these components, ITSG offers superior integration of open source and commercial software with VistA, RPMS and CareVue.

Support: Medsphere's Customer Care support services provide responsive application support, ensure timely updates and upgrades, and maximize system security and reliability. The Medsphere Enterprise Network provides 24x7 support services, including patch management, version control, and system optimization. Medsphere's subscription-based service provides the full complement of Medsphere support services in one convenient fee structure. Clients are able to select the various support elements that meet their needs, budgets, and business conditions.