CareVue Population Health

CareVue Population Health is a Windows-based solution that gives clinicians much greater flexibility in how they provide care for both individual patients and broader patient populations. Population Health enables breadth of information by giving clinicians the ability to create multiple panels for patients with common characteristics, i.e., age, diagnosis, community, etc. When information depth is required, clinicians can also use Population Health to see a complete view of patient conditions.

CareVue Population Health retrieves key patient information from various components of the CareVue database and brings it together under a single, user-friendly interface. The solution provides coordinated views of traditional healthcare information from community, population and public health perspectives via core functions:

  • Identify and manage different patient populations with shared characteristics
  • Integrate the view of patient conditions and minimize siloed care management
  • Provide an intuitive interface with the diverse patient data elements in the CareVue database
  • Facilitate the review of clinical quality measures to enable improved healthcare delivery

The CareVue Population Health tool was originally developed as a Population Management component in the IHS’s Resource and Patient Management Solution (RPMS), a comprehensive EHR for acute and ambulatory environments based on the much lauded VistA system created by the VA. A Medsphere client, the IHS made Population Management available outside the agency, enabling inclusion in CareVue.