Integrated Support for Behavioral Health Care

As an integrated solution, CareVue includes applications critical to ensuring patient safety and promoting effective communication among mental health clinicians. CareVue enables clinicians and other care givers to improve the accuracy of client identification, improve the safety of medications, involve patients in their own care and identify safety risks before they flare up.

CareVue directly benefits psychiatric care clients through an arracy of core competencies:

  • A computerized provider order entry (CPOE) module and associated alerts
  • A closed-loop medication management process for both inpatient and outpatient episodes of care
  • Clinical alerts and reminders
  • Robust charting templates and tools that facilitate best practices and complete documentation
  • Order management and results reporting, providing faster turnaround times and increased point-of-care access to vital results, e.g., toxicology lab results and abnormal or critical values

CareVue also enhances third-party reimbursement by providing ready access to clinical information (individual encounter notes, progress and discharge notes, outcome measurements, case management information, etc.), comprehensive assessments, treatment plans, suicide incident reports and documentation of administrative activities.

CareVue is currently in use at specific facilities in the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources network and at Silver Hill Hospital, a nationally recognized private psychiatric hospital in New Canaan, Conn (click for profiles).

Behavioral Health Enhancements of CareVue

Medsphere worked closely with clinicians from Silver Hill Hospital, a customer partner, to enhance CareVue for psychiatric hospitals by adding Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Plan (MDTP) and Discharge Summary (DSum) modules.

Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Planning

CareVue MDTP coordinates care across members of the team and supports patient progress management, eliminating the need to scour and cross-reference a library of paper records. The new MDTP module enables better, more integrated, patient care through improved access to patient information from a variety of sources. For individual members of the treatment team, MDTP provides an immediate high-level account of the most pressing and relevant patient care issues. The MDTP module fits seamlessly into clinical workflows and enables clinicians and other care team members to plan, coordinate, and document individual components of the care plan and track progress toward overarching goals; MDTP also uses plan update prompts and notifications to support treatment team compliance with regulatory requirements.

CareVue CareVue MDTP features supporting behavioral health:

  • Create a new patient-specific plan
  • Evaluate the care plan and add significant new diagnoses
  • Add one or more diagnoses to the patient-specific plan
  • Associate problems, discharge goals, objectives, and/or interventions with each diagnosis
  • Associate one or more interventions with one or more problems
  • Pull information from site-specified MDTP templates into the patient-specific plan
  • Filter template information
  • Pull information from a previous plan into the current patient-specific plan
  • Create new items—diagnoses, problems, discharge goals, objectives, and interventions—for the current plan
  • Complete the comprehensive MDTP
  • Define plan frequency
  • Define MDTP team members
  • Update the comprehensive MDTP
  • Sign a patient plan

Discharge Summary

CareVue DSum both automates the summary creation process and gives Silver Hill clinicians greater control over how the final discharge summary looks and what patient information it includes. Built on proprietary documentation technology with both desktop and mobile applications, DSum reduces the time required to create the document by automatically pulling patient history and diagnostic information from early hospitalization, as well as laboratory data and discharge medications from later in the treatment process. The DSum module meet’s Silver Hill’s goals of having a polished, uniform document that accurately represents the hospital’s standards of excellence and rapidly conveys patient status to subsequent treating physicians.

On a broader, system-wide scale, DSum adheres to continuity-of-care documentation goals now widely embraced as a key component in improving care and eliminating redundant testing and information. When combined with Medsphere’s suite of pre-built interfaces and an open access platform, CareVue can readily achieve full interoperability with any systems and applications willing to collaborate.

These and other enhancements will be available to all Medsphere’s psychiatric hospital customers as standard CareVue modules.

CareVue's Behavioral Health Successes

Nationally recognized Silver Hill Hospital is using CareVue Behavioral Health, in tandem with CareVue's other fully integrated applications, to improve the quality of its high-end patient care by creating a "triple-check safety process" among many other initiatives.

The West Virginia DHHR Network, a resource-strapped eight-hospital state system with a mix of acute, behavioral health/psychiatric and long-term beds, is reaping the benefits of the integrated CareVue EHR and Medsphere's subscription service model.

Psychiatric News reporter Mark Moran details how CareVue is providing facilities with a cost-effective option and why Silver Hill President Sigurd Ackerman, MD, says that, thanks to OpenVista, "There will be a huge time savings and a reduction in medical errors.”

Click on CareVue and Behavioral Health to download a white paper detailing the benefits of CareVue in a behavioral health setting.