CareVue Nursing

Nursing best practices are supported by multiple CareVue applications and functions:

  • The CareVue EHR
  • Bar Code Medication Administration
  • Clinical Flowsheets


CareVue provides a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently capture clinical encounters. Providers can enter, review and update all order-related information connected with any patient, including ordering lab tests, medications, diets, radiograph exams, consults and procedures. CareVue includes complete patient data and incorporates vital signs, clinical alerts and reminders, consults tracking, clinical documentation, orders communication and results reporting, and a clinical image viewer. CareVue enables total patient knowledge in one interface.

Bar Code Medication Administration

CareVue's Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) solution is a point-of-care patient safety system designed to effectively address the serious issue of inpatient medication errors. BCMA electronically validates and documents medications for inpatients at the point of care through the use of a bar code scanner and an integrated software application. Using BCMA at the bedside, nurses can immediately validate the five “rights” of medication administration—right patient, right medication, right dose, right route and right timing. Visual alerts notify staff instantly when the proper medication administration parameters are not met. The system also provides real-time access to the electronic medication administration record (eMAR), which automatically documents medication administration for the patient.

Clinical Flowsheets

CareVue Clinical Flowsheets are designed to make finding clinical information as efficient as possible. An important quality improvement tool, flowsheets facilitate clear, complete and accurate documentation that contributes to the evaluation of the patient’s progress toward desired outcomes, and provide written evidence of the level of care provided. They also enable nurses to identify and address areas that need improvement.

CareVue Clinical Flowsheets Benefits

  • Lists all services or measures relevant to the patient’s stay or appointment, displaying the information in spreadsheet style. Flexible features make it possible to create an optimal view based on end-user needs and preferences. Previously entered patient data prepopulates the flowsheet. A navigator bar displays medical event types that serve as an electronic index for the main flowsheet and sub-flowsheets.
  • Provides ongoing access to patient information for safe, effective care and treatment. Facilities that use flowsheets for documentation gain an important and fundamental communications tool that offers an important view into the level and effect of the care provided, the continuity of care, and the patient's perspectives on his or her health and well-being.
  • Helps nurses and other care providers communicate about the care provided, and aids patients in making future care decisions. Complete documentation also enables care providers to use current and consistent data, problem statements, diagnoses, goals and strategies to facilitate continuity of care.
  • Demonstrates nursing accountability and gives nurses credit for their professional practice. It can be used to help determine responsibility and resolve questions or concerns about the provision of care; it can also be a valuable resource in the event of a malpractice claim, coroner’s inquest, employee discipline hearing or other legal proceeding where thorough documentation is required.